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Night of The Vampire (Lyric & Music by Scorpio) MP3 @ 320 kps Hot off the presses! We're making this available immediately as a download to give you a taste of the forthcoming album.

Black as coal and bad as hell.  Wear one of these puppies and pick up all the chicks within a 50 mile radius.

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High quality, comfortable fabric.  Wash it a thousand times and it still kicks ass.

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Now available year round! ...the song we were asked to write a Batlord Christmas song for the Mark & Brian show (KLOS Los Angeles). Here it is! Instant download.

Our version of the classic song from the soundtrack of the film/theater piece, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Instant download.

The Batlord covers album. Batlord-ized versions of (mostly) 60s tunes. Instant Download.