In a dark world, seek pleasure - and lots of it.
...The END is always near.

We are all running towards our dying day.

We believe in pleasure, freedom, and expression.

We embrace all that is beautiful as well as what is ugly in this world.

We don't expect life to be fair.

We expect to get our hands dirty.

We play songs of darkness, lust, love and desire.

We play Rock and Roll.

Music To Be Buried To

The debut album, available as download or CD. 13 songs featuring:
"You're My Next Nightmare"
"Just Because I Wish That You Were Dead (Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You)"
"The Moper"
"The Worst of Dracula & Jesus Christ"

Death By Woman, available as download or CD. 13 songs, including:
"The Human Lottery of Desire"
"Our Bed Is A Grave"
"Six Feet Under"
"Got Demons?"
"Burn, Witch, Burn"

Songs We Dug Up
This is an album of cover songs, available as instant download. includes:
"Time Of The Season"
"Season Of The Witch"
"Sympathy For The Devil"
"Solitary Man"
"Wicked Game"